"French Rose Passage Unto Destiny"

Additional Information

As with all of my marbles series at first glance the painting  appears to be a slab off exotic marble.  But within the marbles meld there hides a story. In this painting we have sex, religion, birth,  life's choices and journey.

There is a seam down the middle of this painting. The main hidden pose is of a lady with her legs open, laying on her back with her shoulders raised. Her left higher than the right. Her breast exposed and her face soft and fading to accept a multitude of emotions.  Is the pose of birth or invitation for sex?

Hidden in her right inner thigh there is a pope figure with a faint cross staff in his hand.  Before him stands a winged dragon, beyond the dragon are lustful fallen angels.

Hidden in her left thigh are heavenly figures with a hand upon the other and an angel guiding their way.  In the right corner of the painting are alien and spiritual figures looking on.

About to kiss her left shoulder is a profile of the devil with is short pointed beard. And to the right the spirit horse has arrived.

Temptation and Guidance are all about and somewhere within it all is our passage unto destiny.