Escaping the memories of a child's eyes

captured by day, living in dreams

inviting evening pink skies

silent passions gripping screams

The symphony's waves of pleasure

the smiles that guide our way

happiness one cannot measure

floating whispers, why do they say

My site bound by flesh

souls restraint from flight

close my eyes so I mesh

lust fueled blinding light

beauty is remembered

living the past of a man's eyes

seizing the day, escaping the dreams

luring long dark skies

love scared and sowing the seams

sweet smile finally surrendered


Fear not the sword that hovers above

nor the fist that grips its majesty

for the land below the shrine

Quarrying man forms raving beast of travesty

those still growing on the vine

feel the great swords wake of sacrifice

hearts give way to spilling ruby wine

the scarred rise to a new paradise

unscathed we we may not be

reward is for those who find the shrine

and for those who choose to waste the day

are not absorbed by the eternal shine.


The inner self never shown

as she lays with ancient ascendents

leaping worlds before me, my vision's askew

tarnished wings glide my souls decadence

souls tired but love the view

Cometh from an aging stone

each searching for their own

dreams full filled seem so few

to occlude a feeling never known

though her smile said she knew

My heart filled with retaliation

the stone I have to cast never thrown

and for my souls affirmation

I embrace the flesh I have on loan

feeling hers come past due

Over me my shadow looms

from the brightness of all salvation

many fields shall bloom

from the wetness of creation

the way we used to do


You fight so hard to save tomorrow

you forget to live today

for all my sorrows

I lower my guard and forget to pray

how ever merciless it may be

we all lose sight

for the journey we cannot see

we muster through with great fight

no matter how down we may be

we all come dancing to the light.


Raging cascading thought breaks free from the levy

invading memories soul sought

heart grows cold then heavy

bubbles burst and then they moan

my dreams crammed into a shell

I sink as if a stone, close my eyes to bid farewell

just before my minds debate

I hear a song of my demise

screaming emotions madly inflate

settling body begins to rise...

storming delusions forming a lake

as I float about my anxiety

dreams washed ashore in my wake

as I escape the grip of society 


I woke this morning 

to the thoughts of a dream I was in

I walked today

in a soul I've never been

Hello stranger

nice to see you again

a song came on today

and opened your door

no need to show me the way

I've been here before

in my mind

I'd say I hide

or maybe lost

no need to confide

just ends in cold frost.


Shall my prayers receive heaven's respect?

as they soar amidst these torrid hours

receiving evils's dagger from the oath I reject

As I kneel before the eternal towers

scarred from battle, I await for the next wave of offense

only to be washed ashore the sweet soft sands of innocence.


My feet are no where near my beds end

Cover taught and pulled to my chin

I stayed up way to late

Now I’m left alone with the dreams I must fend


The beautiful morning sunrise

Brings peace to your heart

Comfort for your soul


For as the day proceeds

We loose touch of that beauty

Until we are reminded at the sunset

Although our future hides in the darkening sky’s

If we pass may our soul fade unto the new sunrise


Love has no boundaries

It is there or it is not

It has come or it has gone

It just is

Or it is not

The Beauty however

Lives on


You are the core of your own energy

of which you can spread

with great magnitude

Therefore first you are surrounded

of the power which you exude

New Day Rising

What if my heart could sing to you

What if my touch could set you free

What if I told you I’m lonely to

What if I said I’m still waiting to be 

You know I’ve tried to fly

My wings to soiled to spread

Stood alone with tears to cry

Left deep and cold for dead

Standing tall shaking off the pain

My heart now can cope

No longer my soul full of disdain 

Blood  now pumping hope

There’s always a new day rising

Behind my blue eyes I’m exposed

My dreams happy and surmising

My reaping soul finally disposed